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Journey to Morocco to discover the deserts of the south on the famous off-road routes of the Dakar.

We will face thousands of km off-road, often off-piste, a raid journey with decidedly unconventional fantastic scenarios, where endless black rock reg awaits us, high ocean dunes, large hammada esplanades and ancient caravan tracks.

We will ascend from Dakhla remaining "with an ocean view" on soft sandy slopes that go up and down from the high cliffs arriving to lap the Atlantic waves ... we will not miss the splendid dunes of theErg Chegaga.

We will see dozens of impressive wrecks of ships that have stranded on the beaches... we will cross the "remains" of refugee camps in the middle of the Sahara... we will visit fishing villages in a real "Dante's circle of hell"...

Adventure trip always assisted by our staff

desert experience | Morocco

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